Why choose us?


Active Pilots

A wonderful working and learning environment! Occasionally, events or tours are organised where our pilots can take part and enjoy fun and challenging flights together. In return, the pilot receives awards.



We have from the most iconic airliners to the most modern ones, for example the NEO and MAX family! You are able to choose what you fly! 



You have at your disposal hundreds of routes with which you can fly one of our aircraft, within the vast fleet that airvalencia has.


Great Flightschool

At AV School we want to train our pilots in a very professional way. When you join the virtual airline, you may need to take a type rating to be able to fly on our aircraft. We also do shared cockpit flights, official airvalencia events, tours, etc.


For airvalencia it is important to have many good partners to improve the experience of its pilots.
Its main partners are VATSIM and IVAO, being fully certified on both platforms.

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