Our airline, your team

Victor Leon Keck Romero

Victor founded the virtual airline in April 2020, giving the brand a name and wings. He covers the main roles of management, public relations, social media and, of course, flying. Victor aspires to become a commercial airline pilot. He is currently an ultralight pilot student.

Santiago Bacelo

Santiago joined in May 2020 and since then has become a very important member of airvalencia. He has also been a key element in the official certification in IVAO, helping the founder with the whole (complicated!) procedure.

Enrico Bianchi

Enrico joined airvalencia in the very first days of the virtual airline, as a personal friend of the founder with who met his passion for aviation. He has loved aviation ever since and cannot imagine a future without it. He is also a student of ultralight flying.

Daniel Abad

Daniel joined in June 2020. He is best known within the airline for his efforts in building the AV (Flight) School as we know it today. He has also worked actively with Enrico and Victor in the Tours and Events department. He too is looking forward to a future in aviation in the not too distant future.

Pablo Aspas

Pablo joined in June of 2020 and not much later he became one of the key components of the virtual airline. He is also by far the most active pilot flying in airvalencia. Pablo is a flight student of Ultralight Aircraft.

Carlos Martin

Carlos joined airvalencia in the early days of the virtual airline and played a very important role in the airline's fleet operations, serving as Fleet Chief for a long period of time. Now he is an active trainee pilot in the middle of his ATPL licence. He will be an airline pilot by 2024!

Edin Kapic
Website Management

Edin has been the biggest help we have ever had since the first day of our website. He never actively flew as a pilot in airvalencia, but he was and still is a pillar of the airline, as a proper website would have erased many of our achievements from history. He actively manages our PHP servers and domains.

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